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renew one - the science of renewing waste

No molecule left behind

Building upon our IP to develop new chemical pathways for mixed plastic waste.

Innovation Opportunities

Renew Labs Research

Higher Value Upcycled Feedstocks

Renew One has done extensive research on catalysts for upgrading products for various end markets.

Pathways for Multilayer Materials

Ongoing R&D on developing new pre-processing techniques for contaminated and mixed plastic streams.

Materials Innovation & 3D Printing

Collaboration with industry on finding new end markets for specialty plastics for unique applications.


Opportunity to increase plastic recycling from <10% to 30%+

What is Advanced Recycling?

Chemistry is used to make plastics, so it makes sense to use chemistry to reverse the process. By Recycling plastic back to its basic molecular building blocks, new products can be created, including petrochemical feedstocks which can be used to make new plastic.


The goal of advanced recycling is infinite recycling.

Thermal Processing & Solvolysis

Types of Advanced Recycling

Plastics have a limited number of times they can be mechanically recycled before they downgrade, which is why advanced recycling is an important part of circular economies. We are creating an ecosystem of valuable resources from plastics, mimicking the way nature reuses products in new forms. Two key methods of doing this are thermal processing and solvolysis.